Texas Hurricane Response Hub (TxHRH)

Welcome to the Texas Emergency Response Hub: Emergency Management and Public Health Emergency Preparedness curriculum. The eight courses in this curriculum are framed using a Texas coastal lens. Public health, first responder, emergency response and preparedness professionals, and healthcare practitioners - you are our primary audience.

Hurricane Harvey's experience, with added perspectives from Hurricanes Ike, Rita and Katrina, help us look at topics through the eyes of the people involved. You will also see stories by some of our sister projects and their Hurricane Irma or Maria experience. Practitioner family members will also benefit from some of our topics. Harvey illustrates how we are all in this together and can learn from each other.

A Special Note About Selecting Courses:
These courses are designed to be taken in order. You may take courses out of order after you review Texas Emergency Management and Public Health Emergency Preparedness 101: Emergency Management and Public Health: Working Together to Prepare for a Disaster; however, some later course material is dependent on content in earlier courses.

To complete the Texas Hurricane Response Hub (TxHRH) course bundle, you must successfully complete all of the courses listed below.

Course Title:Contact Hours:
TxHRH101: Emergency Management and Public Health - Working Together to Prepare for Disaster1
TxHRH102: Public Health’s Role During a Hurricane1
TxHRH103: Protecting Your Physical and Mental Health: Before, During, and After a Disaster1
TxHRH104: Resources Available When Mass Effect Incidents/Casualties Happen1
TxHRH105: A Practical Guide to the Access and Functional Needs of Vulnerable Populations1
TxHRH106: Communicating to the Public During a Hurricane or Other Disaster1
TxHRH107: Maintaining Situational Awareness: Tools for Creating the Common Operating Picture (COP) Before, During, and After a Hurricane1.5
TxHRH108: Public Health and Recovery: Roles, Responsibilities, and Expectations1
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