Transgender Health Learning series

Like all people, each transgender “trans” person’s life is a different journey. Trans people are no different except they face unique challenges and opportunities specific to being trans. This five course learning series follow a track that many trans people follow in their journey through life.

"What is trans" and "what does this mean" are elements covered in the first course. Components to friendly and competent healthcare along with barriers and solutions will be found in the second course. Creating an inclusive LGBTQ+ workplace environment is covered in the third course.

Psychological distress, a common theme for many trans people and especially youth, is discussed in the fourth course.

Not all trans people transition; but for those who do transition, they may acquire hormones for this process. Transition-related hormone replacement therapy is described in the fifth course.

Taken together, we hope this path illuminates and informs you about the transgender healthcare environment.

A Special Note About Selecting Courses:
These courses are designed to be taken in order. You may take courses out of order after you review Transgender Health 101: A Foundation Course on Transgender People and Public Health; however some later course material is dependent on content in earlier courses.

Course Title:Contact Hours:
Transgender Health 101: A Foundation Course on Transgender People and Public Health1
Transgender Health 102: Transgender Patient-Provider Relationship1
Transgender Health 103: LGBTQ+ Healthcare Workplace Inclusion1
Transgender Health 104: Psychological Distress1
Transgender Health 105: Role of Endocrinology in the Transgender Community1


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