Leadership Communication

Upon completion of the Leadership Communication course bundle, learners will be able to demonstrate written and oral communication skills that are needed as a leader or manager in the public health setting. No matter how effective a leader or manager a leader is, this bundle is designed to refresh and refine the communication skills needed to succeed in today's fast-paced and stressful public health environment. Issues that are covered in the course bundle include: negotiation, conflict resolution, writing techniques, presentation skills, indirect communication styles such as facial expressions and body postures, and the use of media in times of disaster. There are five courses required for this course bundle.

To complete the Leadership Communication course bundle, you must successfully complete all of the courses listed below:

Course Title:Contact Hours:
Managerial Communications2 hours
Risk Communication in Public Health Emergencies2 hours
Negotiating Skills for Changing Times4 hours
Leadership Management Communication3 hours
Productive Communication Skills4 hours
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