Louisiana Hurricane Response Hub (LaHRH)


The Louisiana Hurricane Response Hub (LaHRH) curriculum was developed by the Louisiana Office of Public Health to provide general guidance and training to the public health workforce, response workers, volunteers, and community members who face hazards that arise after hurricanes and floods occur in Louisiana. The courses will increase awareness, understanding, and preparedness of events and hazards associated with hurricanes and floods in Louisiana communities. 

The 4 courses in this curriculum cover topics related to general safety and health considerations, heat-related illness, private water wells, and mold exposure. Local resources related to Louisiana hurricane preparedness and recovery are provided to strengthen community awareness and resilience.

To complete the Louisiana Hurricane Response Hub (LaHRH) course bundle, you must successfully complete all of the courses listed below:

Course Title:Contact Hours:
LaHRH101: After the Hurricane: Potential Hazards and Disaster Recovery1 hour
LaHRH102: Mold Exposure and Health Effects1 hour
LaHRH103: Heat-Related Illness - Risk Factors, Types & Prevention1 hour
LaHRH104: Protecting Your Private Well Water1 hour
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